Betty Meredith

Betty Meredith, CFA, CFP®, CRC®

Betty Meredith has 30 years’ experience producing application-oriented, continuing education, and training programs designed by leading retirement experts to help advisors, employees, and middle-income consumers make informed retirement decisions. She designs retirement-specific professional development programs for advisors and support staff, training for public sector retirement system systems migrating to hybrid plan designs, and educational marketing sponsorship solutions that help firms and advisors meet the DOL’s fiduciary duty of care.

For individual advisors, she produces a monthly continuing education webinar series (a retirement conference at your desk) by today’s leading retirement experts. She is also a Financial Planning Association (FPA) Retirement Knowledge Circle host, and a member of the Certified Financial Planner®(CFP®) CE & Quality Initiative Workgroup. She is a 20-year active member of the Society of Actuaries Post Retirement Needs and Risks Committee.